AccuCount Blank Particles, 10.6./mL

AccuCount Blank Particles, 10.6./mL

SPHEROTM AccuCount particles are designed to use as reference particles with a known number of particles per mL to count the absolute cell number by flow cytometry. The SPHEROTM AccuCount The particles are very easy to use and cost-effective. account Fluorescent Particles are fluorescent in FITC, PE, and PE-Cy5 channel.

Both AccuCount Fluorescent white and AccuCount (non-fluorescent) The particles are available in various particle sizes to accommodate the size of the cells to be counted. On In addition, Spherotech also manufactures the AccuCount Rainbow Fluorescent Particles and AccuCount Ultra Rainbow fluorescent particles for detection in more fluorescent channels.

Product Description

Category Micro/Nanoparticles
Supplier Spherotech
Regulatory Status RUO
Concentration 1E6/mL
Storage Conditions 2-8° C
Product Line Research

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